Finding Kirsten A Memoir

A Science-Fiction Memoir about a Mother's journey to finding herself, amidst a mental health crisis. She learns to love herself, despite her complex trauma and on going mental illness. Along the way she encounters unexpected spiritual experiences and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; that leave her questioning everything she has ever believed.

Hello World!

Welcome to the inner workings of my mind! I am so excited to share my creation with you. Although I have created my story into something a little more “fun;” it very much gives you an inside look at the mind of someone with mental illness and significant trauma. Many will ask, why I chose to write this using myself as the main character. The truth is simple. The only way I would be able to write this story, is if I experienced it myself. It had to be told through first person, to allow the reader to understand exactly what I was experiencing in that moment. As far as not even changing my name, in the story? That is because I have worked my ass off, to get to where I am today, mentally. The women that I have become, deserves some credit for everything she has gone through. I write this story in homage to myself. My battle wounds are harsh, but the healing is beautiful.


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Kirsten is a wife and mother of three children. When she has a spare moment to herself you can find her expressing herself creatively through art and music. Although Kirsten is locally known for being a Fine Art Portrait Photographer; she has always had a secret love for writing. If anything, she has discovered how healing, writing can be. Through her story, she aspires to bring awareness to several important, but controversial modern day topics. Kirsten is a strong believer in micro-dosing with medicinal marijuana and making changes to the mental healthcare system, specifically for women. She is an advocate for Mothers struggling with mental illness and unresolved traumas. Kirsten hopes to use her story of overcoming childhood trauma, struggles with motherhood and mental illness; to evoke healing in those who will resonate with this story. Although the story itself has been fictionalized for entertainment purposes, it is very much inspired by true events.

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